The florist’s trick to make orchids bloom


Orchids, a vast family of over 25,000 monocotyledonous species, are celebrated for their beauty and variety. Among them, the "Phalaenopsis" orchid, often called the "butterfly orchid," is especially popular for indoor cultivation due to its easy care and long-lasting blooms. Thriving in temperatures around 20°C and tolerating summer heat, this orchid delights with light, butterfly-like flowers in hues of white, pink, yellow, orange, and even hybrid shades like purple, violet, or electric blue.

This resilient tropical plant grows best during the winter. In its bulb or rhizome form, it adapts well to cooler temperatures. After winter, it gears up for its vegetative revival. But the question arises: how do you nurture it to ensure optimal growth and spring blossoming?

This article reveals effective natural fertilizers for accelerating orchid blooming at home, based on tips from Romain Le Tallec, a florist in Lyon.

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