Are you a fan of those timeless tips handed down through generations? Well, you're in for a treat. The New York Public Library has digitized a unique collection of "how-to" cards from over a century ago, originally found in cigarette boxes. These cards, created by the once-giant Gallaher Cigarettes of the UK, offer practical advice that remains surprisingly relevant today.

A big shoutout to Bored Panda for unearthing these historical gems!

Slicing Bread Neatly: Gallaher's tip for cutting thin bread slices without a serrated knife involves heating the knife in hot water and drying it before slicing. Simple, yet effective!

Separating Stuck Glass Tumblers: To avoid breakage when two tumblers stick together, fill the top one with cold water and immerse the bottom one in warm water. They'll come apart easily.

Removing Splinters: 

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