Stuffed potatoes are always a treat, but this recipe takes the classic recipe to the next level! The recipe features shrimp and lobster, plus a creamy Cajun sauce made with brandy and sherry.

The leeks and green onions add tons of flavor, then there's the cheese, garlic and more! There's nothing not to love about this elegant seafood recipe, and you'll be able to taste the Cajun inspiration behind it in every bite.

Lobster season is the perfect time to make these loaded potatoes, but honestly, they're great any time of the year, so if you have frozen seafood, you can even thaw them and make them with anything what you have on hand. Any size of shrimp will work and any type of lobster or you can always throw in lobster or lobster if that's what you prefer.

Loaded Potatoes may look more like a buffet than an elegant dinner party, but paired with gorgeous seafood and a wonderfully creamy sauce, this recipe is sure to be a hit.


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