Safeguard your delectable Key lime pie by swathing it securely with cling film or aluminum foil once it has cooled. Tuck it away in the refrigerator where it will maintain its freshness for up to three days, ensuring a chilled delight with every serving.

Freezing Your Key Lime Pie, Is It Possible?
Absolutely! Key lime pie can be safely frozen for a duration of up to three months. However, it’s crucial to hold off on adding whipped cream or any toppings until after it has thoroughly thawed. If freezing is in your plans, utilize a foil pan for baking the pie. Once the pie has cooled, encase it in at least one layer of cling film, followed by at least one layer of foil. Permit it to thaw in the refrigerator overnight before serving.

Ingredients for Your Key Lime Pie

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