Guide to Raising an Orchid in Water:

To transition an orchid to a water-only environment, follow these steps:

Remove the orchid from its current pot.

Discard any moss or bark attached to it.

Carefully untangle its roots and give them a rinse.

With sterile shears, trim away any damaged or rotten parts.

Place your orchid in a container with water.

Some enthusiasts add clay pebbles at the container's base to support the roots and elevate the plant's crown. This method also minimizes rot risk. Others might leave the orchid immersed in water, changing it every fortnight. Another approach involves soaking the orchid for a couple of days, then letting it dry for five days. Regular observation will guide you on what your orchid needs for optimal growth.

Nurturing an Orchid in a Glass Vase:

Maintaining an orchid in a vase is straightforward:

Ensure the orchid's roots are submerged in roughly 3 centimeters of water.

Let it sit for a week. If all goes well, the water should be absorbed by week's end.

Refill the vase with a 3 cm layer of water. Beware of over-watering, which can cause root rot.

If the water is consumed in less than a week, wait a bit longer before the next refill.

Ensure the orchid's spongy core doesn't touch the water.

While orchids enjoy light, steer clear of direct sunlight to avoid damaging the blooms and foliage.