Bedbugs, those pesky invaders, often wreak havoc on our plants, and occasionally, even find their way into our homes. While they might be unsightly and unsettling to see, they are not harmful to humans. However, when it comes to plants, it's an entirely different story.

Understanding the Bedbug Menace
Bedbugs, especially the green variety, tend to blend with the foliage, making them hard to spot. Despite their small size and innocuous appearance, they are formidable foes for plants. They don't just feed on the plant sap; they can also transmit bacteria and viruses that can result in severe plant ailments.

Such diseases can hinder a plant's growth, disrupt its fruiting or flowering, and in extreme cases, terminate its life altogether.

Commercially available insecticides, while effective to some extent, often contain harmful chemicals. The remedy we're about to share with you is not only simple but also natural, ensuring that your garden remains chemical-free.

A Natural Solution to the Bedbug Problem

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