Get the gunk off your dirty racks with this one effortless hack


Step-By-Step Guide to Impeccably Clean Oven Racks


A bathtub

1/2 cup of dish soap

6 dryer sheets


Protect Your Tub: Start by lining your bathtub with old towels to safeguard against any potential scratches from the oven racks.

Prep the Soaking Solution: Position the oven racks on the towels in the tub. Fill the tub with hot water until the racks are fully submerged.

Add Cleaning Agents: Incorporate 1/2 cup of dish soap and 6 dryer sheets into the water. Allow the oven racks to soak in this concoction overnight.

Easy Cleaning: While the racks might not be impeccably clean the following day, the grime will be notably loosened, making the subsequent cleaning steps much more straightforward.

Utilize the Dryer Sheets: Employ the soaked dryer sheets to effortlessly wipe away any remaining dirt from the racks.

The Final Result: Once the racks are dry, reinsert them into your oven, and enjoy the revitalized sparkle!

If this method has successfully transformed your once grimy oven racks to a sparkling clean state, feel free to share these steps with others who might benefit from this effortless cleaning tip!