How To Rid Mildew And Hard Water Stains From The Shower

In many contemporary homes, glass shower doors or enclosures add an elegant touch to bathrooms. But keeping them spotless and gleaming can be quite the task. They often become dull due to mildew, hard water stains, and soap scum. Yet, there's an easy remedy to bring back their original shine!

The homecare blog 'This Grandma Is Fun' stumbled upon a magic mix for renewing the brilliance of shower glass. Their secret? A combination of Jet Dry and liquid dish soap.

For the cleaning process, they used a dish wand, specially fitted with a non-scratch scrubber to ensure the glass stays scratch-free. To prepare the cleaning mixture:

Pour about a teaspoon of liquid dish soap into the wand.
Add a single drop of Jet Dry.
Fill up with water and gently shake the wand to mix.
After damping the shower glass, use the wand to scrub over the surface. A quick rinse and squeegee later, you'll see a clear difference. Your shower glass will gleam as if it were brand new!

For those tired of the cloudy look on their glass shower doors, this method is worth a shot. With everyday household items, you can achieve impressive results. Bring back the sparkle to your bathroom today!