Service Quality:

Your tip should reflect how pleased you are with the service. Outstanding service warrants a more generous tip, while a disappointing experience might mean reducing the tip or skipping it altogether.

Percentage of the Bill:

A widely-accepted approach is tipping between 15% to 20% of the total bill, ensuring your tip corresponds with your spending.

Budget Considerations:

Tipping generously is great, but always keep your own financial capacity in mind. Giving what you can within the standard range is appreciated.

Complex Services:

In-depth treatments like coloring or extensions often call for a heftier tip, acknowledging the extra expertise and time required.

Added Bonuses:

If your stylist threw in some freebies like a relaxing scalp massage or some pro hair-care tips, consider tipping a bit more to express your gratitude.

Duration of Service:

More time spent on meticulous work or to cater to your specific needs could be a cue to tip generously.

Establishing a Relationship:

Regularly visiting the same hairdresser? Tipping well can cement your bond, leading to even more tailored and impeccable services in the future.


A lot of hairstylists significantly depend on tips. If you sense your stylist is going through a tough time, a generous tip can be a lovely gesture of support.

source: Pexels

Tipping isn't just about monetary appreciation but also about valuing the efforts and skills of your hairstylist. It's a combination of personal evaluation and industry norms. Remember, the tip you leave not only rewards the work done but also fosters a positive relationship with your stylist. As you walk out of the salon, looking and feeling fantastic, ensure your tip mirrors that satisfaction.