Eliminate the Odor of Urine in the Toilet With 5 Tips


Since the toilet is a humid environment which is used permanently, it is completely normal for there to be limescale deposits and the proliferation of mold and bacteria which generate bad odors (urine, humidity, closed , …).

Aside from these odors, there is also the smell of urine which sometimes dominates and becomes difficult to neutralize.

In the following, we present to you some expert tips that allow you to effectively get rid of these foul odors and keep your bathrooms well deodorized.

Follow the details so that you can get rid of those foul odors.

1. You will need:
– 12 cloves.

– A few drops of peppermint essential oil.

– 5 tablespoons of baking soda.

– A bottle.

– A liter of water.

2. How to eliminate urine smell in the bathroom?
– Pour the water into the bottle with the bicarbonate and add the cloves and essential oil.

– Mix well then place the bottle without a lid in your toilet to eliminate the smell of urine and all foul odors.

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