Don't you believe what happens if you spray alcohol on the bed ?


Did you know that medical alcohol has more uses than just disinfecting and removing adhesives? Here are some unknown medicinal alcohol uses:

πŸ›️ Getting rid of bed bugs
Bed bugs are an unpleasant problem, but medical alcohol can help! Fill a spray bottle with alcohol and spray it all over your pillow and mattress to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs.

πŸ‘©‍⚕️ Alternative to deodorants
If you forget your deodorant, spray some alcohol on your armpits to kill bacteria and prevent odor. However, be careful not to use this method in the long term as it can harm your skin.

🐜 Kills lice
Fill a spray bottle with alcohol and spray it on your head to get rid of lice. Soak your comb in medical alcohol for an hour before combing your hair to remove all dead lice.

πŸ‘‚ Cleans ears
Mix white vinegar with alcohol and use a cotton swab dipped in the mixture to clean your ears. This is a better method than using cotton buds that push the wax deeper into the ear canal.

πŸ’… Removes nail polish
Instead of using acetone, wipe your nails with alcohol to remove nail polish and keep your nails healthy.

🧼 Cleans skin
Alcohol contains anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse your skin, calm inflammation, and prevent acne breakouts. Apply alcohol directly to blisters but avoid the area around them as it can be irritating.

🀲 Hand sanitizer
Mix half a tablespoon of medical alcohol, aloe vera gel, and a few drops of tea tree oil to make a natural homemade hand sanitizer. Stay clean and safe!