When I saw how easy it was to do this – my mind was blown! Now, you can clean oven vents in minutes with this easy kitchen hack! When was the last time you checked just how nasty your oven vents were?

I know, who wants to be bothered cleaning another thing in our homes, right? Well, you will be as shocked as I was when you just how easy it is to have clean oven vents now, and it only takes minutes!

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clean oven vents in minutes with this easy kitchen hack

So, let me get right to it and tell you exactly what you need to do to have clean oven vents once again! All you need is two ingredients and the best part is I’m sure you already have them in your kitchen so no running out to the store!

What you need for clean oven vents:

  1. Water – enough to fill the pot halfway
  2. 1 cup baking soda – be sure to use a cheap one it works just as good!
  3. large soup pot – make sure your vents will fit neatly into it
  4. Kitchen Scissor Tongs

That’s it! Yep, and you will be shocked when you see just how quickly and easily it is to do.

Start by filling up your large soup pot with water, Fill it halfway.

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