9 surprising things that make your home look cluttered

1. The Photo Overload:
Personal photos evoke memories and warmth, but too many can clutter the environment. Choose a few prominent ones or dedicate a gallery wall instead of randomly placing them everywhere.

2. Crowded Bookshelves:
Books do beautify a room, but squeezing in too many or having piles everywhere feels messy. Periodically review your collection and think about creative display methods, like color-coordinated arrangements.

3. Inconsistent Storage Solutions:
Mixing storage boxes and baskets might seem practical, but it can be visually jarring. Aim for a consistent look in terms of colors or materials for a more organized feel.

4. Countertop Appliance Clutter:
While appliances like coffee makers or blenders are essential, displaying all of them can overwhelm even spacious kitchens. Prioritize and store the less frequently used ones.

5. Throw Pillow Invasion:
Throw pillows offer color and texture, but too many can cause visual chaos. Choose a few statement pieces and rotate them as needed.

6. Tangled Tech:
In our gadget-filled homes, cables and chargers are inevitable. But unchecked, they can create disorder. Use organizers or designate storage areas to keep them out of sight when not needed.

7. Fridge Door Frenzy:
A refrigerator door filled with magnets, notes, and artwork can be overwhelming. Try to minimize and organize or maybe introduce a neat bulletin board for those crucial items.

8. Disorganized Entry Points:
A cluttered entrance with shoes, mail, and more can set a disordered tone for your home. Use racks, hooks, and organizers to streamline and create an inviting entry.

9. Overboard with Ornaments:
Decor is vital, but moderation is key. Instead of crowding every space, highlight special items and change them periodically for a fresh look without overwhelming your interiors.