Very Sturdy But Cute Hose Guards


When I pull my hoses around a corner, invariably it drags right through my flowers and rips some out. To solve this problem I bought cheap plastic hose guards at the hardware store. Hubby hit them with the mower and several of them broke. So I went back to said hardware store and bought the expensive iron ones. Very cute but the screw-in part rusted through in one season. UGH! So I made these. After I collected all my supplies, they took about 45 minutes to make, including the time it took my handy husband to cut the pipe for me and including the time it took to pound ten of them into the ground.

very sturdy but cute hose guards

I bought glass doorknobs at Home Depot for $8/pair. (I forgot to take a pic with them still in the package.) I made 10 hose guards, so I needed 5 packages ($40 total).

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