This recipe does not take much time, only 5 ingredients

If you need a quick and easy dessert, look no further than Grilled Peach Ravioli. Using refrigerated croissants as a base, these dumplings come together in no time.

The dough is rolled around portions of canned peaches and drizzled with peach syrup, butter, and cinnamon sugar before baking to perfection.

When I was a kid, my grandmother would make these peach ravioli for me every summer.
She had a peach tree in her garden, and when the fruit had ripened, we would spend hours together in the kitchen, peeling and slicing peaches and rolling them in croissant dough. 

The warm, cinnamon scent that filled her home was simply wonderful. To this day, the scent of peaches and cinnamon takes me back to the lazy summer afternoons I spent with my grandmother. That's why this recipe is special to me - it's not just dessert, it's a connection to the past.

While these peach muffins are delicious on their own, adding a creamy filling takes them to the next level. Whether you prefer vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or even sour cream, cold cream perfectly balances the warm, sticky sweetness of dumplings.
Trust me, once you take a bite of these hot and crunchy dumplings filled with peaches with a scoop of cold melty ice cream on top, you'll know why this dessert has been a family favorite for generations. 

5 ingredients for peach muffins


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