The best chocolate chip cookies

So where were we ? I thought we were about to count how many cookies I had because I revised this recipe.

I've always loved the perfect old fashioned chocolate brownie recipe, but I've always been a little bored about it, too. For example, why should only half of the butter be melted? Is melting everything really not working? And why does he need a spoonful of brown sugar? Or is he? Shish what boring who wrote this recipe? WOOPS

Now for the good news !

I duplicated the ULTRA THICK texture, ULTRA SOFT (it took audacity, didn't it?) and probably improved the flavor with this version that looks similar, but is much easier and more sensible than the original.

And by sanity, I, lazy sane, okay?  I don't mean that kind of sensible. You may need to start looking for another blog if you want your cookies sensitive.

There is nothing logical about this sweet sugar-and-butter perfection.


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