One of the treats that takes me down memory lane is Puppy Chow. The first time I tasted this delightful snack was at a school fundraiser, and it's safe to say I was immediately captivated. Through my teen years, I became so fond of it that I could effortlessly whip up the traditional recipe from memory. However, it was only recently that I ventured beyond the classic flavors.

Being an ardent pistachio lover, I felt an irresistible urge to infuse this flavor into Puppy Chow. Does it compete with the timeless blend of chocolate and peanut butter? Well, that's a delicious discovery you'll have to embark on by trying the recipe!

This pistachio variant, much like the original, features Rice Chex as its base. While some might opt for mixing everything in a sizeable bowl, I've found joy in the brown paper bag technique. Simply combine all the ingredients in the bag, close it up, and give it a good shake. Not only does this method prevent a powdered sugar mess in your kitchen, but it also ensures a hassle-free cleanup. Once your Puppy Chow is ready, the bag can be either recycled or composted, championing sustainability.

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