When I was a kid, my grandmother would make the most amazing cinnamon-raisin bread pudding. It was a family favourite, and we would all gather around the table, anxiously waiting for her to bring out the warm, aromatic dish. Smells of cinnamon and vanilla fill the air, and plump raisins add just the right amount of sweetness. It was pure comfort food, and it always brought us together as a family.

Years later, I realized that my grandmother's bread pudding was more than just a sweet treat. It was a way to use up leftover bread and reduce food waste.

 She would hold the edges of loaves and any kind of stale bread, and turn them into the sweet treat we all love. It was a lesson in resourcefulness and sustainability that sticks with me to this day.

 I think this recipe is worth saving and preparing, not only because it's delicious, but because it's a reminder of the importance of making the most of the ingredients we have on hand.


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