Leave a glass of water with salt & vinegar in your home and see the changes in 24 hours!

And remember - you can't see the energy with the naked eye, but you can certainly feel it because the energy in your home often reflects your inner emotional state. It's time to banish those negative, sad and depressing feelings that can have a huge impact on your mood once and for all. Trying this simple yet very effective homemade technique and banish all those negative energies!

Note: This cleaning method is very simple and easy to perform. You just have to follow easy instructions.

*You will need the following ingredients:

°1 cup (it should be totally transparent)
°white vinegar


Here's what you need to do - just add a little salt, a vinegar and a water to the cup. Putting glass in some of places where you spend the most time and which other people visit. & yes, you have to leaving it there for 24 hours. After  while, check how salt works, whether level has just risen or the water has overflowed. Rinse the cup with plenty of water after 24 h & repeat process as often as you feel necessary. Placing it in all areas your home to the salt stops rising.

& make sure to place the glass where it can't be seen so it can absorbing bad energies ! Just use a c water with grain salt and vinegar and get rid of all the negative energies around you. And trust me, you'll be amazing at results. We really hope you find this article helpful & don't forget to share it with your friends and family. Thanks & have a nice day.

Enjoy !