Cheesecake Casserole

Of all of our great breakfast cakes, this is one of my favourites. The contrast between the crunchy, creamy edges of the croissant and the soft, cheesy center is very special. If you can, assemble everything the night before and bake it the next morning.

This ham and cheese croissant casserole might just be the main dish you've been looking for. This recipe consists of 6 servings each containing 292 calories, 20 grams of protein, and 18 grams of fat. At $1.57 per serving, this recipe covers 11% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. Not many people have made this recipe, and 1 seems to hit the spot. Brought to you by My Recipes.

A mixture of ham, salt, eggs, and a handful of other ingredients is enough to make this recipe super tasty. To use honey, you can follow this main dish with ginger honey for sweetening. From prep to plate, this recipe takes about 9 hours and 15 minutes.
It is perfect for fall. All factors considered, this recipe gets a noticeable score of 29%, which isn't that great. Similar recipes include 

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