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Do you want to exude a pleasant scent in your private home all day long? This article offers you reasonable solutions on how to deodorize and rejuvenate. However, this will be a daunting task, due to the fact that meals stay scattering, overhead airflow is out of place in places, and the many unique places that cause unpleasant odors inside the house.
   After entering the apartment, visitors or owners of the apartment can notice this which confuses the housewife.

1. Lemon can be used in any country, but it is one of the most important materials to get rid of strange smell, and it is very clean to use. All you have to do is reduce the lemons in half and half and then place them in hidden places so that the lemon absorbs all the unwanted odors.

2- Vanilla powder: No matter what you need, this is definitely an effective and decisive agent in removing odors. You need to put a few drops of vanilla extract on a cotton pad and then remove the delicate tubercles.

Third - Sodium Bicarbonate:

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