Chocolate cobbler recipe for 2 people prepared in a small baking dish. This Southern Chocolate Cobbler recipe is a baked brownie with hot fudge on the bottom.

I've heard this chocolate cobbler recipe called many things over the years: chocolate pudding cake, mud pie, brownie pie, chocolate brownie, chocolate bun, and more. Most importantly though, I've heard it's "the best chocolate candy ever". And it's 100% true.

The way to make this chocolate seems very strange. It starts with a thick layer of brownie mixture on the bottom of the baking dish, followed by a dry, crumbly mixture on top. Boiling water is poured over both layers of the dish - never stirred. Resist the urge to mix the layers together, or you won't get a layer of candy on the bottom with a brownie on top!

*Ingredients :

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