No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Lush

The inspiration for this banana pudding cake kicked in. My colleague, Heather, loves banana candy. But my other colleague Amanda doesn't like bananas at all. She loves the taste of bananas, but not the texture.

This is how the idea for Banana Pudding Cake was born. All the banana pudding flavors you love — in the shape of a cookie.
This is made without the banana slices, however, you can definitely add some if you'd like. My husband and I decided to add fresh banana slices directly on top of our individual pieces of cake, which turned out to be a delicious idea.

If I had put them on the cake while it was baking, they would have browned in a day.
It also makes the cake really pretty if you serve it as a single slice with a few slices of banana and a nila wafer on top.


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