Lasagna soup in one bowl

This one-pot, 30-minute lasagna soup is freezer-safe and can also be made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot—it's just as convenient in a pot!

This one-pot lasagna soup recipe packs a little bit of everything, and you don't even need a side dish—there are starches in the pasta, proteins in the meat, and vegetables in the marinara sauce.  You can also add additional vegetables to the soup itself.

However, if you are looking for something to serve with your lasagna soup, here are some ideas:

Green salad
Italian bread or garlic bread
Antipasto dish
Roasted vegetables

Lasagna Soup contains all of your favorite lasagna flavors, but in soup form! It consists of noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef, Italian seasoning and ricotta. It's also a much easier way to enjoy lasagna without having to worry about a bunch of toppings and a long preparation time.


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