The national dish of Cornwall, England, this original Cornish pasty recipe features tasty pastry pockets filled with beef and vegetables. This is English comfort food at its finest!

Cornish pasties are one of Britain's most popular dishes, with a long and storied heritage. This authentic Cornish recipe offers the best of English comfort food!

I love Great Britain. We are both great Anglophiles and try to come back every year to visit our children. We love all regions of Britain and it's hard to say which is our favourite. But Cornwall, England holds a special place in our hearts.

We love Cornwall not only for its stunning natural beauty, rustic charm and rich culture, but also because it is the ancestral home of my husband's namesakes, the Killigrew family (later changed to Killebrew when his grandfather + immigrated to the United States). The 

Killigrews have been landed gentry and one of the maximum critical households in Cornwall.

* ingredients :

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