Beef & vegetable soup

This Homemade Beef Soup recipe is delicious with tender beef chops and all of our favorite veggies!
Packed with flavour, this meal is slow cooked on the stovetop so the meat is even more tender! It's easy to make ahead and reheats and freezes beautifully.

We love recipes where you can put them in the skillet and simmer!

This recipe is easy with lean beef.
There is very little preparation, but most of the time the soup is boiling.
This soup can be adapted with any vegetables that are on hand.
This soup reheats and freezes well.

The meat is very similar to beef stew, chuck being our top pick because it's so tender. Use chuck chuck and cut it yourself. You can also use beef broth, skirt, or even brisket. If you substitute ground beef, it doesn't need to simmer for long to become tender.

The green vegetables in this soup definitely make you eat the rainbow. If you want to use frozen vegetables, you can add them along with corn and beans.

Seasonings Onion, garlic, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper keep beef stew delicious with a simple, creamy flavor. This recipe uses dry spices, if you add fresh spices, mix them with the beans and corn.


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