You won't believe the heavenly aroma that leaves my oven every time I put my batch of sienna cookies in.

It is a treat you cannot refuse.

Which is something I do once a month for sure. Of course, it's easier to buy one at the bakery. But believe me, nothing compares to the homemade version.

If you're looking for a recipe that won't disappoint, try this Sina-pan cake recipe. I promise you will be sold.

Now suffice to say, find out below how to make this good recipe with step by step illustration!

Why do I love Sinna Bun Baked Cake ?

The marriage of cinnamon and sugar gives the cake a sweet and spicy flavour.
Soft and fluffy layers make this cake perfect for snacking.
It's very easy to make in the oven. Only seventy minutes! amazing.
It's easy to make differences
It's perfect for a quick, sweet fix when I don't have time for a fancy dessert.


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