Perhaps because it is a holiday, perhaps because it is hot, even if in Brittany we need a little wool in the evening, but I find that cake is what we need to eat well and not spend hours in the kitchen: it is good, sometimes very good, and light when it is prepared Good (not to mention calories) and quick to prepare. 

Today, I bring you these corn fritters. I discovered them during a gardening workshop that Doucy organized and they are so good. I would even say the best I've eaten so far.

A must: it is absolutely essential to eat it very hot.
Cake cream: The dough can be stored overnight in the refrigerator without spoiling.
I needed two boxes of corn: in the cupboard I had a lambda box and an Aucy box. I promise (without any ads) crunchier and sweeter doosies.

These cakes can be enjoyed as an appetizer or appetizer.

*ingredients :

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