Ants despise strong smells, especially the smell of cinnamon. Use cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil to coat the cotton balls, then place the cotton balls along window sills near door frames and anywhere else you suspect ants are entering.

5. Seal cracks

Ants enter our homes through any cracks and crevices that lead from the outside in. Go around your home with caulk and seal any cracks or holes you suspect ants might be getting in.

6. Kill fleas with salt

A favorite hiding spot for fleas? your carpets. Sprinkle the carpet with an abundant amount of table salt. After a day or two, vacuum up the salt. The salt dries out the fleas and kills them.

7. Do some spring cleaning

To get rid of fleas once and for all, spend a few days washing all the fabrics in your home. From the furniture, to the linens, to the carpeting, to the curtains, wash everything thoroughly to kill any existing fleas and their eggs.

8. Prevent pets

And one more thing: fleas generally come into our homes through our pets, so be sure to give your pets flea medication as advised by your vet. You can also buy the right pet shampoo to make sure the fleas are taken care of right away.

9. Fruit fly trap

Fruit flies enter our homes through open doors, windows, and drains. Trap them and kill them by mixing some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish soap in a bowl or jar. Cover the top with saran wrap, then make holes in it. The fruit flies will climb into the jar, but they won't be able to escape.

10. Citronella 

To keep pests away from your outdoor spaces, spray with water and a few drops of citronella essential oil. Spray patio furniture and its surface with the solution. You can also buy citronella candles, although they are not as effective as oil.