°2 boxes of 8 oz cream cheese
°2 large spoonfuls of sour cream.
°2 packets taco seasoning
°shredded lettuce
°chopped black olives
°chopped green chilli
°chopped tomatoes
°4 cups grated Mexican cheese

* Directions:

Beating cream cheese & sour cream to smooth, adding taco season. Spread on a large glass dish…top with lettuce, green onion (if you like an onion), tomatoes and sliced black olives. Top with cheddar cheese…use tortilla chips as desired. The best part about this is that you can add more or less toppings to the base depending on taste and the kids love it too. I recommend using a 9×13 disposable foil pan if you are bringing this pan to a party or picnic. It can be split into 2 round cake pans if you have picky eaters too!

Enjoy !