Why not give this tasty and simple tortilla egg bake a go if you are trying to add a new dimension to the menu with your breakfast or brunch offerings? Due to the fact that this recipe combines the ease of preparation of eggs with the heartiness of a tortilla, it is an ideal dish for a supper on the weekend or for situations in which you want to impress visitors with a little time investment. In order to prepare this delicious and satiating meal, below is the recipe.

Parts and pieces:

Two tortillas are included.
a pair of huge eggs
Some fresh parsley, sliced up
Pepper, crushed (this is optional).
Relatively shredded mozzarella cheese
A tablespoon and a half of tomato sauce
Slicing of salami
The tomato, fresh and sliced
The leaves of fresh spinach
To taste, season with salt and black pepper

Details to follow:

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