Crispy fries are a crowd pleaser. It is undeniably still a beloved meal for everybody. These potato chips are a staple in our cuisine, whether eaten on their own or with meat.

The one catch is that a lot of oil is required for their preparation. Imagine for a second if we said you could create them without ever cooking them. Bad fat and oily french fries are a thing of the past. How can I create this food in a healthy way? Here is a fantastic recipe for french fries that uses almost no oil at all.

The oil-free French fry recipe

What You Need:

five potatoes

Two thirds of an egg white

Salt, pepper, and paprika, each measured in half a teaspoon,

- Whip the egg whites until they are stiff, then fold in the aforementioned spices (and any more you choose). In instance, you may season it with rosemary or use specific fried spices that you can get at any grocery store.

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