You will just need a few pennies to prepare this pesticide, which is a major plus. So, put away your cash on those pricey chemicals; they won't work.

Another perk has to do with pollution. This repellant is non-toxic because it contains only natural chemicals. And unlike many pesticides, which can include compounds that are toxic to people, it won't ruin your health.

First things first: locate the bottle of vinegar—which, odds are, you probably already have on hand—in your pantry. Put some water and a few teaspoons of this liquid into a container. Your preferred essential oil can then be added, a few drops at a time.

If you feel like your floors might need a little extra TLC, we suggest applying a few drops of all-natural floor cleaning. In that case, the items we've already mentioned should be sufficient.

Before you start washing the surface, submerge the mop in the container. Because of its strong odor, cockroaches and roaches will avoid areas where vinegar has been spilled.

That is why this substance should be used frequently and in all areas of your home.