Is the amount of hours you sleep just as crucial to your health as the position you sleep in? You might want to rethink your preferred sleeping position after learning that getting Z's on your left side isn't only a personal choice, but rather a practice with several health advantages. What follows is an exploration of the potential health benefits of sleeping on one's left side as a means to an improved night's rest.

Natural Ways for Better Digestive Health

When it comes to digestion, one of the strongest arguments in favor of sleeping on one's left side is overwhelming. Lying on our left side allows our digestive system to work more efficiently, which is a result of the law of gravity. In this configuration, waste products from the large intestine may be readily transferred to the descending colon. Because of this, you may discover it simpler to maintain regular and painless digestion throughout the night and that going to bed after eating is less of an ordeal.

A Subtle Improvement to Heart Health

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