Concoct a concoction of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon molasses, and 1 cup water to ward off fruit flies and home flies.

After that, transfer the contents to an appropriate container and suspend it from the fruit tree. As soon as fruit flies attempt to attack the combination, it will imprison them.

Prevent Allergens by Washing Your Hands

Spending the day in the garden might leave you with dirt and allergies on your hands. To remove any dirt or grime and soothe any itching, wash your hands with distilled vinegar.

Prevent Rabbit Problems

Soak cotton balls in distilled vinegar and put them in a 35mm film container (or something similar) if rabbits are destroying your garden. To deter rabbits, just poke holes in the top of the container and set it in your yard.

Eliminate Ants

Mix equal parts water and vinegar and spray the mixture onto ant hills to eliminate the pests. If you want to keep ants at bay, spray the locations they're prone to infiltrate.

Clean Your Outdoor Equipment

If you want to clean rust and dirt off garden equipment like hoes and rakes, immerse them in vinegar overnight. Another option is to soak vinegar in a plastic bag by tying it over a water faucet. Using water, rinse everything well.

Put an End to Snails and Slugs

Applying an undiluted vinegar spray will kill slugs and snails that are eating your plants. Because of this, they will wilt and perish.

Make Sure Your Birdbath Is Clean

Scrub your birdbath with a mixture of white vinegar and undiluted water. Always use water to rinse it off.

Discourage Kitty

To discourage your cat from defecating on your garden or in your child's sandbox, try mixing some distilled vinegar with the soil or sand.

Maintain the Perfume Level of Your Flowers

Before you add your cut flowers to a quart of water, add two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar to make them live longer.