With the arrival of summer, we embrace the warmth of the sun, the beauty of blooming flowers, and the vibrant outdoor life. Living on a quaint farm has introduced me to an array of insects more diverse than I could have imagined, from buzzing bees to darting flies. Among these, wasps, particularly yellowjackets, demand a cautious approach due to my mild allergy. It's not just me; our diligent mail carriers also prefer to steer clear of these stinging nuisances.

A revelation came through a post shared by a mail carrier on Reddit, shedding light on an intriguing behavior of wasps. These insects are drawn to the sheltered and warm environment of mailboxes, especially when evening temperatures dip. This setting offers an ideal haven for wasps to nestle.

This preference for mailboxes, however, poses a significant risk to mail carriers. Unknowingly reaching into a mailbox can provoke these wasps, leading to painful encounters. The post detailed the carrier's personal experience of being stung multiple times over a single summer.

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