Transplant Once, Enjoy Forever: 15 Everlasting Vegetables for Unlimited Supply


Here are fifteen perennial vegetables to plant now for a bountiful harvest in the years to come: These evergreen treasures provide a never-ending supply of delicious produce, from the snap of asparagus spears to the tart sweetness of rhubarb.
Embrace the idea of a perpetual paradise and bid farewell to the one-and-done mindset! Some of my favorites are as follows:
Just one spear of asparagus
#2) Radish
Fresh artichokes
Five chives and four horseradish
Six Sorrel
7 artichokes from Jerusalem
eight kale
10 Lovage 9 Ramps
Individual Egyptian Walking Onions
Two servings of sea kale
13. Watercress from China
Fourteen globe artichokes
15 The Great Henry
Let us work together to ensure that our gardens provide abundant, healthy food for generations to come.
Raise your own food as a kind act.
With love and peace,
The Common Garden Guinea