The magic of this method lies in the reflection and refraction of light through the water and off the coins, creating a disorienting effect for flies and other bugs. These pests have difficulty navigating in the distorted light, leading them to avoid the area around the bag. This deterrent is not only effective but also humane, relying on no chemicals or insecticides.

Additional Benefits:

Apart from keeping bugs at bay, it's worth noting that flies are carriers of numerous bacteria. They can contaminate food and surfaces upon contact, potentially spreading diseases. This hack not only reduces the nuisance of flies but also the health risks associated with their presence.

Bonus Tip:

For added protection, consider incorporating basil plants into your outdoor or indoor spaces. Flies detest the smell of basil, and as a bonus, you'll have fresh herbs readily available for your culinary needs.

This method stands as a testament to the power of simple, natural solutions in addressing everyday problems like deterring pests. Try it out, and enjoy your outdoor spaces in peace and comfort.