Get Everything You Need: Some filtered water and some fresh rosemary sprigs are all you'll need.

First things first: get the rosemary sprigs clean by rinsing them under cold water. The next step is to use your fingers to lightly crush the leaves, releasing their fragrant essential oils.

Get the Water Boiling: In a saucepan, heat a few cups of water that has been filtered until it gently boils.

Add the fresh rosemary sprigs to the saucepan when the water comes to a boil; this will infuse the rosemary. Turn the heat down to low and simmer the rosemary in the water for ten to fifteen minutes. This will give the water a nutritional boost.

Once simmering, take the saucepan off the heat and allow the rosemary water to cool to room temperature before straining. Remove the rosemary leaves by straining the cooled liquid; what remains is water infused with pure rosemary.

The Rosemary Water Method for Promoting Hair Growth:

As a last rinse, use the rosemary water after your regular hair wash and conditioner.

For optimal absorption, carefully massage the rosemary water into your scalp for several minutes. This will help to boost circulation.

Rinse your hair and scalp with cold water after letting the rosemary water sit for a few minutes.

To get the most out of rosemary water, use it frequently—preferably multiple times weekly—as part of your hair care regimen.

Discover How Rosemary Can Promote Healthy Hair

Rosemary water is an easy way to encourage hair development and keep your scalp healthy thanks to its natural vitamin richness and hair-stimulating characteristics. The key to healthy, long hair is in nourishing your hair from the inside out, and this herbal cure can help you achieve just that. Trying some rosemary water is a great way to let nature do its thing for your hair.