fridge smelling fresh:

Baking Soda: A classic and effective solution for absorbing and neutralizing odors.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Mixed with dish soap, it can deodorize a section of your fridge.

Activated Charcoal: Available in various forms, it's excellent for absorbing moisture and odors.

Vanilla Extract: A cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract can impart a pleasant fragrance.

Newspaper: For tough odors, damp newspaper stored for a few days can absorb unwanted smells.

Additionally, when shopping for a new fridge, consider models with built-in UV light purifiers, which can effectively eliminate bacteria and mold.

While storing toilet paper in the fridge might not be everyone's go-to solution for a fresh-smelling refrigerator, it's an interesting example of unconventional thinking. Whether you choose to try this method or stick with more traditional deodorizers, there are multiple ways to maintain a fresh and odor-free fridge.