Step-by-Step Guide:

Blend the Oils: Combine a few drops each of peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus oil in a bowl. These oils are excellent for deterring a broad spectrum of pests.

Add Soap and Water: Mix in a squirt of dish soap, followed by approximately two cups of water. The soap ensures even distribution of oils in the water.

Prepare the Spray Bottle: Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle.

Apply the Repellent: Spray around areas prone to pests, including entry points, room corners, near trash cans, attics, and gardens.

Vinegar for Certain Pests: For pests like ants, mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a separate spray bottle and use in affected areas.

Tips for Optimal Results:

Regular Application: Consistently use the spray in areas frequented by pests for maximum effectiveness.

Surface-Friendly: This repellent is safe for most surfaces, but it's wise to conduct a patch test first.

Refresh Regularly: Prepare a fresh batch weekly to maintain potency.

Enjoying a Pest-Free Environment:

This homemade, natural repellent not only keeps pests away but also leaves a pleasant, clean aroma in your space. It's a simple and effective solution for a peaceful, pest-free home and garden. Remember, a little proactive spraying can go a long way in ensuring your living space remains comfortable and inviting. Here's to enjoying a serene environment, naturally!