1 cup premium walnuts

1/4 cup golden brown sugar

1 tablespoon pure unsalted butter

1/4 cup water

1/8 teaspoon sea salt

2 dashes of gourmet salt for finishing


Set up a plate lined with parchment paper.

In a non-stick skillet, gracefully merge all the ingredients, keeping aside the finishing salt.

Ignite a high flame and cook for 5 minutes. As the clock winds down to its final minute, ensure continuous stirring and moderate the heat. Aim for the liquid to diminish, revealing richly coated and clumped walnuts.

As the luscious coating thickens, usher the nuts onto the parchment, granting them space. Dust them with those dashes of gourmet salt.

Allow them a moment of rest; let them cool. Once set, unveil their individuality by breaking them apart.

Preserve their crunch and taste by storing in an airtight container for a handful of days.

In merely a few minutes, you're bestowed with a gourmet treat: the 5 Minute Caramel Walnuts. Whether it's to satiate a personal craving, add an opulent touch to your desserts, or offer as a delightful nibble to guests, this recipe is an essential addition to your culinary repertoire. Delight in the melody of caramel and walnut, and let each bite resonate with pure indulgence.