Tackling laundry effectively is key to ensuring your clothes stay soft and fresh-smelling. There's a surprisingly simple, quick, and cost-effective trick to achieve this: using a modest amount of coarse table salt in your wash.

The Supermarket Dilemma
We often spend considerable time in supermarkets, searching for the perfect laundry products. However, achieving ideal results doesn't always require an array of detergents and fabric softeners. The solution might already be in your kitchen - coarse salt.

The Benefits of Coarse Salt in Laundry

Enhancing Softness: Regular washing can leave clothes less soft than desired. Adding two tablespoons of coarse salt to the washing machine drum can improve the softness of your laundry. This is because coarse salt reduces the hardness of water, negating the need for expensive fabric softeners.
Maintaining Fabric Quality: Coarse salt not only softens fabrics but also preserves the brightness of colors and prevents yellowing. Soaking clothes in water and coarse salt before washing (without rinsing) can enhance these benefits.

Cleaning and Maintenance: 

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