This healing water helps you lose weight! - Apple water with cinnamon and lemon


The Health Benefits of Cinnamon, Apple, and Lemon Water

Cinnamon and lemon both offer potent anti-inflammatory properties and supply essential vitamins and minerals for our health.

Blood Sugar Regulation

This recipe brings numerous health benefits, including helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Cinnamon improves digestion and aids in the proper breakdown of nutrients to control sugar levels. Combined with an apple, it better captures glucose, slowing its impact. This not only protects health but also aids in weight loss.

Reducing Fat Resistance

Cinnamon, apple, and lemon water, as repeatedly mentioned, supports weight loss. It activates metabolism, making it easier to break down fat. However, don't forget to maintain healthy lifestyle habits!

One of the best benefits of this drink is its detoxifying effect. Cinnamon water is diuretic, digestive, satiating, and also protects heart health. Fats, especially unhealthy abdominal fat, become less resistant.

Drinking this beverage daily for 15 to 20 days, coupled with a proper diet, can yield excellent results. The green apple, especially, and its enzymes, make it easier to break down fat.

It's advisable to eat a natural green apple at least three times a week in addition to this drink. You can benefit from the pectin found in the apple's skin, a fiber that's particularly beneficial.

Preparation of Cinnamon, Apple, and Lemon Water


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