Add a spoonful to the water and water the peace lily. New leaves will appear quickly


Light and Shade Balance: While peace lilies are versatile, proper light management is crucial to prevent leaf drying and enhance growth. Enjoy their most vibrant blooming from May through October.

Yearly Repotting Ritual: Refresh your peace lily's environment annually each spring. For grown plants, just replenish the top 4 cm of soil. Add some drainage material at the pot's base to avert water stagnation.

Leaf Care Insights: Wilting is a call for watering. If overlooked, briefly submerge the pot in a tray of water for revival. Regularly clear away dead leaves to keep it thriving.

Maintain Moist Foliage: Dry conditions can attract pests. Mist your peace lily frequently and clean off dust to preserve humidity.

Optimal Watering Routine: In summer, daily watering is ideal. In winter, reduce this to once a week. For luscious blooms and strong immunity, incorporate gelatin into your watering schedule.

The Gelatin Boost for Blooming Peace Lilies:

Gelatin, abundant in nitrogen, acts as a fantastic DIY fertilizer, enhancing your peace lily’s health and growth. Here’s a straightforward gelatin recipe for your plant:

Warm a glass of water (steer clear of boiling), and stir in a spoonful of gelatin.

Once it cools, mix with three glasses of tap water.

Monthly, use this blend for watering, especially in warmer months. Watch as your peace lily responds with striking blooms!"

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