A tip for having shiny and clean tiles


Let's face it: cleaning tiles can be such a drag. But thanks to a savvy mom, we now have a handy trick that not only simplifies this task but also avoids using any chemicals.

Going Viral for the Right Reasons
Carey Barling discovered an innovative cleaning method which took the internet by storm, especially after she shared it in the Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean'. What caught everyone's attention was the absence of any chemicals in her technique. Carey stumbled upon this solution while dealing with an extremely dirty bathroom floor in her new home. The results? Immaculate tiles! Interestingly, a study suggests that house chores might add to women's longevity. Maybe it's all in finding these little hacks!

The No-Chemical Marvel
How did Carey achieve that pristine look for her tiles? She mixed hot water with soap, sugar, and dishwashing liquid, then scrubbed away on her floor. The outcome was remarkable; her tiles looked brand new in just minutes!

To ensure everyone benefited from her discovery, Carey shared her method in a Facebook cleaning group. One impressed user responded, "Now, that's what I call cleaning!" The transformation of her tiles after the cleaning had everyone talking.

Carey also pointed out that using a scrubbing brush with a handle instead of a mop made a difference. She jokingly remarked, "When I use my hands and knees, the results aren’t as good." The praises kept pouring in with comments like, “You should be proud; it’s stunning!” and “It looks like an entirely different space!”

More Hacks Making Waves
Carey isn't the only one impressing netizens with clever cleaning techniques. Another ingenious hack that recently gained popularity is placing drying racks upside down in the dishwasher. This trick prevents lunch boxes and other utensils from flipping and collecting water. Highlighted on Reddit, this too became a favorite, with one user saying, “This is an awesome suggestion.”

In fact, considering the buzz these tips create, maybe we should teach them to kids early on. After all, there's research suggesting that kids involved in housework are set up for success!