A Surprising Solution for Stubborn Stove Grease: Vaseline


Materials Needed:
– Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
– Microfiber cloth
– Steel wool (quad zero)
– Gloves (optional but recommended)

1. Put on gloves if desired, especially if you have sensitive skin.

2. Apply a small amount of Vaseline onto a microfiber cloth. Remember, a little goes a long way.

3. Rub the Vaseline-covered cloth over your stove’s surface. The Vaseline will effectively soften and lift the grease stains.

4. For particularly stubborn marks or stains, use steel wool (quad zero). Gently scrub the affected area with the steel wool to remove the residue. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure to avoid scratching the surface.

5. Wipe off any remaining Vaseline and grease residue with a clean microfiber cloth. You’ll notice that the surface becomes clean and shiny.

6. Repeat this process as needed, especially for older or deeply ingrained stains.

The Protective Vaseline Layer:
One of the most significant advantages of using Vaseline on your stove is the protective layer it leaves behind. This layer acts as a barrier against future grease and grime buildup, making your regular cleaning tasks much more manageable.

Cleaning your stove with Vaseline might sound unconventional, but it’s an effective and practical method for removing stubborn grease and adding a protective layer to keep your stove looking its best. Whether you have a gas or electric stove, this technique can help restore its shine and make cleaning a breeze. So why not give this timeless cleaning hack a try and enjoy a sparkling, grease-free stove in your kitchen?

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