A bay leaf in the refrigerator? My grandmother always did it. Here’s why and how.


Why use bay leaves in the refrigerator?

Have you ever used this plant in the refrigerator? In fact, bay leaf is used in the refrigerator for a very simple reason. The laurel plant is capable of  scenting the entire interior of your appliance.

If you have noticed that bad smells come out when you open the refrigerator door, it means something is wrong.

In your refrigerator, there are certain foods that give off a very intense smell more than others, like cheese, for example. Therefore, unpleasant odors are not necessarily related to the state of conservation.

To solve this problem, you can  use bay leaves.  Simply spread a few leaves on the various shelves of your refrigerator  and leave them for several days.

You can  associate bay leaves with the action of baking soda . This product is also very useful against bad odors thanks to its absorbent property.

Other very interesting uses that you can give to the laurel

There are other very useful options for using bay leaves daily . For example, you can prepare an infusion to perfume the house and all surfaces . To do this, boil a few leaves in a saucepan and spread the steam throughout the rooms of the house.

Did you know, then, that you can also  place the leaves of this magical plant directly in the vacuum cleaner bag  to perfume the entire house when you use your appliance? Is incredible.

Consider also  making small bags filled with bay leaves  and placing them in drawers and closets. This way, you will eliminate unwanted insects and perfume the entire environment at the same time. Even your clothes will be completely scented!