Orchids, the trick to making them last forever: they have never been so lush and strong


Strong and lush orchids

Over the years,  many varieties of orchids have been imported  , even from colder countries, which therefore adapt very well to growing in an apartment without requiring specific equipment. This, along with the hybrid species created by researchers, has made orchids much more popular and less expensive. In fact, originally orchids are tropical plants native to Asia and America and can reach up to 60 cm in height. Their care does not require daily attention but that does not mean it is simple  .

In fact, there are many orchid fertilizers on the market to keep them looking their best.

For a more economical solution you can opt for a homemade fertilizer. You will only need one main ingredient: a small potato.

Making an economical and effective fertilizer

To give your orchids the right  vigor  you will only need a small potato (in reality you need 20 grams) and a liter of water.

But why a potato?

potatoes as fertilizer

Perhaps few people know that potatoes are tubers with excellent properties even outside the kitchen. They are widely used in gardening for their excellent fertilizing properties. For example, potato peelings can be added to regular soil as a  natural fertilizer.

Potatoes contain potassium, which helps plants grow strong and lush, but especially during flowering.

Even  halved potatoes  are often used to create cuttings of other plants like roses or geraniums, thus acting as a real “incubator” for the development of the roots of the cutting.

But now let’s see how this tuber with many properties can help us make our orchids lush.

How to Use a Potato to Make Orchid Fertilizer

To make your own  orchid fertilizer,  simply cut 20 grams of potato into pieces, put it in the blender and add a liter of strictly non-calcareous water.

Run the blender until smooth. Using a strainer, filter the liquid to eliminate any residue and pour it into a  bottle fitted with a spray.

fertilizer spraying

All you have to do is  spray the mixture generously  on the leaves and roots of your orchids twice a month to make the plant stronger and healthier.

The best times for this procedure are in the morning or early afternoon. Obviously, what remains of our homemade fertilizer can also be used for other plants, they  will undoubtedly benefit greatly from it.