Needed a new treat for our Christmas stockings this year! Had to fill them up with nana’s latest creation!


Nana's Mixed Candy is a sweet and nostalgic creation that evokes cherished childhood memories. This recipe, a treasured family heirloom from Nana's kitchen, blends a variety of candies into a delightful mix. Each bite offers a burst of sweetness, making it a perfect treat for personal indulgence or sharing during special gatherings, sure to elicit smiles all around.

This versatile treat can be enjoyed in several ways: as a post-dinner dessert, a snack during movie nights, or as a festive addition to parties. The assortment of candies in Nana’s Mixed Candy caters to different tastes, allowing everyone to find their favorite. For an extra special experience, pair it with vanilla ice cream or a cup of hot cocoa, especially in cooler weather, for a delightful combination of warm and sweet sensations.


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